Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tolstoy: Tabu On Tabu Series by R. Kennedy Roecker

The "forbidden" perfume Tabu was a huge hit when it first was introduced in the 1930s and then when it got so popular that even the "ordinary" women were wearing it in the 1960s became known as the perfume for whores (basically)!  However, they had a couple of years where the icon for the print advertising campaign was a painting called the Kreutzer Sonata (the violinist is completely overcome and scoops his female piano player up in a fit of passion).  It was based on a Tolstoy novel.  I was fascinated by the various uses of the painting within the different print ads and it being the one visual that bound each of the versions together.  So, I quite literally created these works by perfectly overlapping the painting images and joining the two ads together -- have a look.  You'll see on "Tabu on Tabu#5" that I included the two ads as they looked individually as well.  I also included all of the ads as they appeared individually.  I hope you like.


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