Sunday, July 14, 2013

Information about Ordering Your Custom "Fitting Words" Gifts by Ron Roecker

(FYI:  the original name of this was "Artfull Words" but then I decided 
"Fitting Words" was easier to say and, well, more fitting!)

ESTIMATED PRICES (subject to change)

One Print/2 Initials/1 Color
1 - 8x10 w/ 2 Initials:  $39
1 - 11x14 w/ 2 Initials:  $49
(Personalization of TO/FROM on Print FREE thru July 21)

8x10 w/ matte (11x14 finished):  $79
11x14 w/ matte  (16x20 finished): $94
(Personalization of TO/FROM on Print FREE thru July 21)
Plus $10 shipping and handling within US

Two Prints/2 Initials/Up to 2 Colors
2-8x10 w/ 2 Separate Initials $75
2-11x14 w/ 2 Separte Initials $95

2-8x10 w/ matte (11x14 finished):  $160
2-11x14 w/ matte (16x20 finished): $188
plus $20 shipping and handling within US.

Plus applicable sales tax.

Send Request for Order to and Ron will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks so much!!

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